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Eagle Escapes Death, Causes Outage for 1,100 Customers near Shelton

Eagle Escapes Death, Causes Outage for 1,100 Customers near Shelton

by Mason PUD 3 on

June 09, 2017

One tough bird survives a high voltage adventure near Shelton Friday night.

(SHELTON, WA) – A lucky bald eagle survived a scrape with death Friday night (June 9), but its aerobatics around power lines caused an outage for nearly 1,100 Mason PUD 3 customers near Shelton.

Power went out at 6:10 PM for customers living in the Arcadia area, with lines reported down near the intersection of Arcadia and Crater Roads.

Tesla the Wonder Eagle was last seen, alive and well.

Initial accounts from the scene were that a bald eagle had flown into power lines, causing a short, which cut electricity in the area. Linemen arrived on the scene and reported the eagle was in a nearby tree, surveying the damage. Tesla the Wonder Eagle - one tough bird.

The lines were repaired and power restored at 7:56 PM. 

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