Broadband Survey

PUD 3 Broadband Survey

estimated time: 3-5 minutes

PUD 3 originally built a fiber optic network to monitor and control its electrical distribution system. However, due to increased demand to extend this network and allow more access for its customers (high-speed internet), the PUD is exploring options of how to pay for future growth.

Please take a few moments to participate in PUD 3's Broadband Survey to help inform commissioners and staff on the direction to take when considering the expansion of the fiber optic network.

Feel free to share the link to this survey with your friends and neighbors. We would like to hear from as many PUD 3 customers as possible.

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One way the PUD can pay for the construction of an extended fiber optic network is similar to the way a community shares in the cost of local school districts, which is also how PUDs have traditionally built and developed their electric distribution systems since the 1930's. As an example, the cost of construction would be shared equally among all PUD 3 customers in the form of a monthly "Fiber Construction Charge" on your electric bill of approximately $5.
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Another way of funding the build out of the system, would be to have customers, in the specific neighborhoods benefiting from the build, sign an agreement to pay a monthly "Fiber Access Fee" over a specific period of time. The fee may be higher or lower, or the term longer or shorter, depending on the actual cost of the construction project. An example might be $10 per month for 10 years.
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Under this type of funding model, if the PUD were to build a new network in your neighborhood, how would you prefer to be billed for your "Fiber Access Fee"? *
Again, under this type of plan, when a customer who signed the original agreement moves away, who should be responsible for the balance of the remaining contract? *
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