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PUD 3 Fast Facts

PUD 3 Fast Facts

Quick statistics about Mason County PUD 3

customers.png Number of Customers
employees.png Number of Employees
sales.png 2015 Electricity Sales 598,188,888 kWh
avg-annual-use-residential.png Average Annual Use - Residential 12,884 kWh
kwhCost.png kWh cost for Residential Use
daily-system-charge.png Residential Daily System Charge $1.10
substations.png Number of Substations
overhead-line.png Overhead Line Miles
underground-line.png Underground Line Miles 1,085
average-load.png Average Load
72,409 kW
max-system.png Max System Peak Demand
156,831 kW
2015-net-budget.png 2015 Net Budget


active-connections.png Fiber End User Active Connections 826
fiber-miles.png Fiber miles within System 477


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