PUD 3 Fuel Mix

PUD 3 Fuel Mix

Every year, Washington State reports on the source of electricity for customers throughout the state. The "Fuel Mix Report" shows that PUD 3's electricity is 98% CARBON-FREE.

Utility Fuel Mix Report for 2018 (Reported in 2019)

Type of Fuel Percentage
Hydroelectric 78.69%
Nuclear 9.79%
Wind 8.95%
Unspecified Resources 2.53%
Solar .03%
Natural Gas .01%
Coal 0%
Petroleum 0%
Other Generation 0%
Total 100%

Data for the report comes from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s “Washington State Electric Utility Fuel Mix Disclosure Reports for Calendar Year 2018” (Reported in 2019).

* PUD 3’s unspecified resources come exclusively from the Bonneville Power Administration’s resource mix. It includes market purchases made on behalf of PUD 3. Because these are market purchases, the specific source of the power is not identified.


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