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PUD 3 Fuel Mix

PUD 3 Fuel Mix

Every year, Washington State reports on the source of electricity for customers throughout the state. The "Fuel Mix Report" shows that PUD 3's electricity is 97 percent carbon free.

Mason PUD 3’s Utility Fuel Mix Report for 2015 (Reported in 2017)

Mason County PUD No. 3 is pleased to present its customers with its “Utility Fuel Mix Report for 2015” (Reported in March, 2017).

Data for the report comes from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s “Washington State Electric Utility Fuel Mix Disclosure Reports for Calendar Year 2015” (Reported in March, 2017,).

Legislation passed in 2000 directed electric utilities in Washington to report their fuel mix to customers. The 2015 fuel mix for PUD 3 (Reported in March, 2017), listed as a percentage of the total is:

Mason County PUD No. 3 2015 Fuel Mix (reported in 2017)

Type of Fuel Percentage
Hydroelectric 84%
Nuclear 10%
Wind 3%
Coal 2%
Natural Gas 1%
Biomass 0%
Other, Non-Biogenic 0%
Other Biogenic 0%
Petroleum 0%
Solar 0%
Biogas 0%
Geothermal 0%
Waste 0%
Total 100%
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