PUD 3 has a board of elected commissioners to be the policy-makers for the utility.

Mason PUD 3 CommissionersA three-member commission is responsible for operating Mason PUD 3.

Their job includes setting policies for running PUD 3, adopting a budget each year, and determining rates and charges for services.

The commissioners meet twice each month at the Johns Prairie operations center in Shelton. The meetings usually start at 10:00 a.m. and the full schedule is available here.

Each of the PUD commission districts have about the same number of voters. A commissioner is elected from each of the three districts every two years to serve a six-year term.

A map of the commission districts is available here.


Linda Gott, Commissioner, District 1

Linda R. Gott has been on the board since 1999. Her district includes the southeastern section of Mason County. Linda is Secretary of the board of commissioners.

Contact Linda by email.

Tom Farmer, Commissioner, District 2

Tom Farmer was elected in 2008. His district includes the northeastern area of Mason County. Tom is Vice President of the board. He owns and operates a successful oyster and clam business. He and his wife Jean, together have three grown children, Allen, Caren and Nathan. They have two grandsons and one granddaughter.

Contact Tom by email.

Bruce Jorgenson, Commissioner, District 3

Bruce E. Jorgenson began his first term on the board in 1995. His district includes the western portion of Mason County. He is serving his fourth term as commissioner, which started January 1, 2012. He is President of the board.

Contact Bruce by email.

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