Wooten Lake Broadband Expansion

Wooten Lake Broadband Expansion

If you live at Wooten Lake, you now have access to some of the fastest broadband on the planet.

Wooten Lake Fiber Project

Great news, Wooten Lake! PUD 3 has built a fiber optic distribution network in your neighborhood. 

Wooten Lake Area Map

OK, you’re excited about getting the super-fast fiber optic cable to your house. Things are easy when your electrical service is overhead and you want to use that route for your “big broadband pipe.” It’s much less exciting if you have to dig a trench to get it there, but we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results once the work is completed. 

How do I prepare for PUD 3 Fiber?

There are some things you can do to make it easier:

First, look up. Now look down. How does the electricity get to your home?

  • OVERHEAD: If it is overhead, you may have an easy option. But we want to talk with you about it.
  • UNDERGROUND: If it is underground, that’s going to take some more discussion with us.

Once you know what type of service you have, fill out an application for Fiber Optic Network Construction and turn it in to the PUD. 



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