Why is the Post Office Park Christmas Tree GREEN?

Why is the Post Office Park Christmas Tree GREEN?

by Mason PUD 3 on

December 11, 2016

12 Reasons for a GREEN tree this year.

Click through the list to see 12 Reasons for a GREEN tree this year. #1 it looks INCREDIBLE.

Surely you’ve seen the saying carved into the left log of the big timber monument? Keep Mason County Green fits with one of the original purposes of the Mason County Forest Festival, which was to crown a queen who reigned over the…

...Keep Washington Green anti-forest fire campaign. Decorating the Post Office Park Tree in all green focuses on our history and heritage.

Did you know that PUD 3’s power is 99% CARBON-FREE?! That’s pretty “green”.

The Christmas Tree is decorated with nearly a mile of LED lights. That’s 6,700 LEDs! If we were using old-style lights, we could only use about 1,675 lights for the same amount of power. That’s much less “festive”. At PUD 3, we encourage all of our customers to “live green”.

We hate to state the obvious here, but… the tree is GREEN!

If it’s good enough for the Seahawks’ “Action Green” Color Rush jerseys to be worn during this Thursday’s game, it’s good enough for our tree!

Pantone, an authority in color, dedicated 2017 to be the year of green. “Greenery” (#88B04B) was selected because it’s “a refreshing and revitalizing shade” and is ”symbolic of new beginnings.”

Someone on Facebook commented that it reminds them of our veterans. We’re big fans of our veterans, too! We’re happy to help remind our community of those who sacrifice so much for the freedoms we enjoy here in America.

Another person said that they can see it shining bright and standing out in town while coming down the hill because it's green. They suggested that when it's decorated with multicolor lights, it gets lost in the other colors in the city.

Of course, green is a Christmas color (along with RED, see: Gazebo).

Kudos to our tree decorating team who did a great job in creating a very-cheery, “Merry & BRIGHT” tree this year!

Scroll through the slideshow above to read 12 reasons the team at Mason PUD 3 decorated the Post Office Park Christmas Tree with all green LED lights this year.

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