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Whither the Weather - PUD 3 SmartHub App & Weather Data Gives Powerful Energy Insights

Whither the Weather - PUD 3 SmartHub App & Weather Data Gives Powerful Energy Insights

by Mason PUD 3 on

March 26, 2018

Weather has a strong influence on home energy use in Mason County. That's why teaming up your SmartHub app with your weather sense can help lead you to energy control and savings.

(SHELTON, WA) -- There’s an old joke, “If the weather is always so nice in Hawaii, how do they start conversations?”

Western Washington State has a reputation for the difficulty in forecasting its weather. That’s probably why it’s such a conversation starter around here.

The weather, especially extreme temperatures, has the biggest impact on your utility bill. Heating and cooling accounts for nearly 50 percent of the energy used in a typical U-S home, according to the U-S Energy Information Administration.

There’s a famous weather saying, “everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

Although we can’t change the weather, PUD 3 technology can help us take steps to change the way it affects our home energy use.

Keeping track of average local temperatures and your daily energy use is a good way to identify habits or power hogs that may be increasing how much electricity you use. It can help you make energy decisions that are right for you and your family.

That’s where PUD 3’s SmartHub app comes in handy. By using the app online or on your smart phone, you can see a chart of your home’s energy usage. There’s also black line graph that shows daily local temperatures. It’s a good way to reveal how the weather affects your energy usage.

The temperature data comes from an official National Oceanic and Atmospheric weather station at Sanderson Field near Shelton. While there are differences in weather among various parts of Mason County, this temperature data is a good indicator of the overall weather patterns in the county.

You can download the SmartHub app at or in your phone’s app store. It’s easy to set up and use, but it packs a powerful assortment of information.