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Totten Substation Dedicated for Increased Electrical Service in South Mason County

Totten Substation Dedicated for Increased Electrical Service in South Mason County

by Mason PUD 3 on

July 13, 2020

Mason PUD 3 Commissioners, Squaxin Tribal leaders, and representatives of Taylor Shellfish formally dedicated PUD 3's new Totten substation in southeast Mason County.


PUD 3 commissioners each took turns cutting the ribbon for the new Totten Substation. Commissioner Linda Gott memorializes this historic occasion.

The Totten substation will help the PUD better serve the growing appetite for power in southeast Mason County, beginning with commercial and residential activity for the Squaxin Island Tribe. Expanded facilities at Taylor Shellfish will also benefit from greater capacity and reliability created by the substation.

“It’s great to be in partnership with Mason PUD 3, Taylor Shellfish, and everybody else to make this happen,” said Arnold Cooper, Chair of the Squaxin Island Tribe.


“Mason PUD 3 is pleased to have safely completed such an important project during the difficult times of the pandemic,” said Annette Creekpaum, Mason PUD 3 Manager. “The Totten substation fits perfectly into our strategic initiative to provide its customers with a robust and flexible electrical system; designed for reliability; cost-effective delivery of service; and future growth.”

The total project cost was $3.9 million. The project costs were covered in part by capacity fee contributions from the Squaxin Island Tribe. PUD 3 is covering 40% of the costs because of the benefits that the new substation provides in reliability and handling increased power needs.

Substation construction began August of last year. The substation was completed in February and underwent testing before the PUD started feeding customers with electricity from the facility in early June.

The entire area had previously been served by the existing Skookum substation, which at times had been pushed to near its capacity by increased commercial and residential activity. The Totten substation will handle some of the current power needs and increased energy demands.

The Totten substation is the newest in PUD 3’s service territory. It serves customers in the Kamilche area, Taylor Towne, Lynch Road, and Highway 101.

The PUD has 12 substations in its service territory. Substations convert high voltage electricity from the Bonneville Power Administration to lower voltages for safe distribution of energy to customers.