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Terms of Agreement

The organization, group or individual applying for the use of the Mason County PUD No. 3 auditorium(s) agrees to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Mason County PUD No. 3, its officers, employees and agents from any and all claims for injury to person or property arising out of, or in any way connected to its use of PUD 3 meeting facilities except to the extent that any such claims may arise from any act or omission of PUD 3.

Further, by submitting this form, the individual affirms that he/she has read and understood the policies and procedures for use of the auditorium(s) and agrees to abide by the regulations and limitations therein, including restrictions on use of public facilities, directly or indirectly for campaigning or any ballot proposition.

By requesting internet access the responsible party, group and/or organization understands that users have no privacy rights associated with their use and inappropriate use of the internet may result in the loss of access privileges. Users will not access, download or distribute offensive or illegal material including, but not limited to: pornography; racially or sexually offensive messages; and messages which are intended to harass or may reasonably be regarded as harassment. Failure to follow the auditorium policies and procedures or misuse of the internet access will jeopardize future use of the auditorium by the user/group.

As the responsible party for the event(s) described above, I agree that I will be on-site during the entire event(s), and I will pay the cost of any cleaning or damage repair to all building facilities, furnishings and equipment as deemed necessary by Mason County PUD No. 3.