Energy Education Curriculum Assistance Application

If you are interested in applying for Energy Education Curriculum Assistance, please fill out the application below:

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TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED*: $500 total maximum including tax and shipping *
*If your application is selected, the total amount you list here is the most you may be awarded. Mason County PUD No. 3 must make payments for materials or activities directly to the vendor; we cannot issue checks to you or your school for the amount awarded and we cannot reimburse anyone (including ASB's or school districts) for purchases. As you research prices, be sure the vendor is aware that the PUD will pay for items or services directly as this may affect possible discounts and even shipping costs. Some vendors will also only sell directly to schools or school districts. If you are unsure how to write your proposed budget, contact Asia Cline at
Briefly summarize the overall curriculum, project or event (for which you hope to receive funding): *
Number and grade level(s) of students who will benefit directly from this curriculum, project or event: *
Will materials purchased with this money be used in subsequent school years or by other groups? *
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In one paragraph, describe how this curriculum, project or event directly supports ENERGY education for students: *
List the learning objectives for this curriculum, project or event: *
List TWO Washington State Learning Standards this curriculum, project or event will help your students meet: *
Describe all the steps of this project or event. If you are applying for assistance for an event (i.e. a field trip), include how you will prepare students before the event, activities students will be doing during the event, and how students will synthesize and/or apply the information after the event. If you are applying for assistance for curriculum or learning materials (i.e. books for your school library), add any other pertinent information about why you believe your proposal deserves funding that you did not already discuss in other parts of this application.
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Describe how you will assess student learning during this project or event or from this curriculum/learning material: *
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