Repair Release Form

Authorization to Work on Customer Owned Electrical Components

As part of PUD 3’s Grid Modernization program, qualified PUD 3 personnel will be replacing the electrical meter serving your property. In some cases, PUD 3 personnel may discover faulty electrical components or connections in the meter base. The meter base is where PUD 3’s electrical facilities are attached to your service (i.e. home or business). You are the owner of the meter base and are generally responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. The discovery of a defective meter base would normally require:

  • Immediate disconnection of electrical service.
  • Notification of the customer for need to repair the meter base.
  • Customer hiring a qualified electrician for repair, at their expense.
  • Washington State L&I Electrical permits and inspection.
  • PUD 3 personnel returning to the property for meter installation.

In order to reduce the time and expense associated with this process, PUD 3 has identified qualified licensed and bonded electricians who are willing to immediately respond when PUD 3 personnel find a defective meter base and make minor repairs necessary for installation of the new meter. PUD 3 is willing to pay the electrician to make repairs as necessary to your meter base or other components of your service, at PUD 3’s sole discretion under these conditions, to accommodate PUD 3’s Grid Modernization program. However, PUD 3 needs your permission to perform repairs to your electrical equipment. The purpose of this form is for you to grant this permission.

Permission to Perform Repairs

The undersigned hereby grants PUD 3 the right to authorize repairs to my meter base upon discovering any defects therein. I understand that the repairs will be performed by a qualified licensed and bonded electrician at PUD 3’s sole and exclusive expense. I agree that if any issues arise with repair work performed by the licensed and bonded electrician, I will seek redress solely from that electrician. I further release, indemnify and hold harmless Mason County Public Utility District 3, Shelton, Washington, its board, employees, representatives and insurance carriers from any and all rights, claims, demands and damages of any kind, resulting from or related to damage, arising out of, or in any way connected to repairs made to my property and agree only to seek such damages from the licensed and bonded electrician hired by PUD 3 to perform the work. 

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