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Miscellaneous Documents

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Representation Letter

Credit Ratings

The Resource Plan has been updated in accordance with the Washington State Utility Resource Plans law, 19.280 RCW. The Plan shows how Mason PUD 3 plans to match its resources to forecasted load requirements. 

Mason PUD 3 Resource Plan 2020

WINTER: Between November 15 and March 15, the District will include with all disconnection notices, the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of low-income customers who seek shut-off protection under RCW 54.16.285.
EXTREME HEAT: On any day in which the national weather service has issued or has announced that it intends to issue a heat-related alert, such as an excessive heat warning, a heat advisory, an excessive heat watch, or similar alert for the area in which the residential customer’s address is located, the District will not disconnect for non-payment. The District will also promptly make a reasonable attempt to reconnect, by request, any residential customer in the affected area during the heat-related alert timeframe. The District will include with all disconnection notices, the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of customers who seek the heat-related shut-off protection under RCW 54.16.285.
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