Be vigilant! There are many scams designed to attack utility customers. They include con artists posing as utility employees demanding payment and threatening to disconnect power, as well as marketing curious technology designed to lower utility bills. If you get a call from the "PUD" or the "Power Company" and you are not expecting a call... IT MAY BE A SCAM! Learn about some of the common techniques that scammers use here:

PUD 3 Fast Facts

PUD 3 Fast Facts

Quick statistics about Mason County PUD 3

customers.png Number of Customers
employees.png Number of Employees
sales.png 2018 Electricity Sales in kWh 645,683,307 kWh
avg-annual-use-residential.png Average Annual Use - Residential in kWh 13,394 kWh
kwhCost.png Average kWh cost for Residential Use
daily-system-charge.png Residential Daily System Charge $1.10
substations.png Number of Substations
overhead-line.png Overhead Line Miles 704
underground-line.png Underground Line Miles 1,089
average-load.png Average Load in kW
76,612 kW
max-system.png Max System Peak Demand in kW
161,161 kW
2015-net-budget.png 2018 Net Budget


active-connections.png Fiber End User Active Connections 1285
fiber-miles.png Fiber miles within System 545


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