PUD 3 Resources

PUD 3 Resources

A lot of factors go into the resources that the PUD purchases to serve its customers, such as: cost, reliability, availability, environmental impacts, sustainability, and risks. This page includes more information about the PUD's resources.

Utility Fuel Mix Report for 2021 (Reported in 2022)

Every year, Washington State reports on the source of electricity for customers throughout the state. The "Fuel Mix Report" shows that PUD 3's electricity is 96% CARBON-FREE.

Type of Fuel Percentage
Coal 0.00%
Hydroelectric 82.70%
Natural Gas 0.00%
Nuclear 10.50%
Other 0.00%
Petroleum 0.00%
Solar 0.03%
Unspecified* 4.43%
Wind 2.34%
Total 100%
Renewable & non-emitting 95.57%

SOURCE: Data for the report comes from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s “Washington State Electric Utility Fuel Mix Disclosure Reports for Calendar Year 2021” (Reported in 2022).

* Mason PUD 3’s unspecified resources come solely from the Bonneville Power Administration’s resource mix which stems from its purchases made on the market to balance resource needs with load. The fluctuations in the amount of unspecified is due to many factors including the rain or snow pack supplied and timing of the spring melt.

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PUD 3’s first CEIP required under Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) can be found here. It covers the first four-year interim compliance period beginning in 2022 and ending in 2025.

CETA requires electric utilities to prepare a CEIP every four years and it must:

  • Propose interim targets for meeting CETA’s standards for greenhouse gas neutral electricity in 2030 and clean energy in 2045
  • Identify specific targets for energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy
  • Identify specific actions for meeting the interim targets and specific actions described above
  • Ensure that all customers benefit from the transition to clean energy

Further requirements for the development of CEIPs are specified in Washington’s RCW 19.405.060 and Chapter 194-40 of the Washington Administrative Code. 

The Resource Plan has been updated in accordance with the Washington State Utility Resource Plan law, 19.280 RCW. The plan shows how Mason PUD 3 plans to match its resources to forecasted load requirements. 

Mason PUD 3 Resource Plan 2022


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