Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the Team

Now that you're here, there's a few things we need to cover before you step into your new role.

You'll find information, videos, and activities in the blue sections below. Work through each one as a part of your self-guided orientation.

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HR will probably have a couple of these tabs with great information...

You may have heard a lot of jokes about OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) testing. Perhaps people say it's boring or corny or it takes a long time; however, SAFETY is very important to us here at Mason PUD 3. It's is our first core value and it is the first part of our mission statement. In addition to OSHA training, everyone at the utility is trained in CPR and First Aid so that we can be prepared to respond in an emergency at work, at home, or in the community.

You'll see several of our safety videos a little later, but for now here's the information you need to launch your OSHA training:

Go here: my.utilitysafetyonline.com
User: MC#### (use employee number)
Password: lastname (your last name all lowercase)

Defeat the Hackers!

Cybersecurity awareness training is required for all employees of the District at the time of hire and annually in following years.  The training assigned to you will help to prevent incidents that may cause harm to the District’s computer systems, customers, and employees.  Currently, the training is provided by Inspired eLearning through online courses. An email is sent to you from the company that provides the courses you are enrolled in and your login information. Launch the online training here.

We pride ourselves on being a very productive utility! Each year, our team accomplishes many projects and tasks to ensure we are serving Mason County in an effective and efficient way. Take a look back at some of our recent successes:

This is where we'll post the VR tour of Mason PUD 3 facilities. (Joel's Orientation Tour)

Here's a collection of our in-house safety videos. They may be fun and quirky, but safety is serious business!

If you're a PUD 3 customer, go ahead and pull your smartphone out. We'll help you get setup on SmartHub; the best way to manage your PUD 3 account from the palm of your hand!

Let's get started:

I see SmartHub has weather data. Where does that come from?

How does SmartHub help me to understand my energy usage?

Do I have to report power outages? Nope, our advanced meters will do that for you:

We're a public utility that considers the short-term and long-term impacts of our activities on the environment.

Here's a glimpse into one way we work to improve the habit of native salmon, here at the Johns Prairie Operations Center and in the Columbia River: 

Here's a look at how we met the needs of a young osprey who tried to build a nest on one of our power poles:

Hydropower is very important to us. It provides almost 90% of our clean, renewable energy. Packwood Lake is just one of the resources where we get our power. Here's a glimpse into how it works:

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