If you have been disconnected for non-payment, contact our office at hello@masonpud3.org or by calling 360-426-8255 to make payment arrangements and be reconnected the same day. If you are concerned you are at risk of being disconnected call our customer service department for help. We want to see all of our customers stay connected.

Bringing Fiber to Your Home

Bringing Fiber to Your Home

Make your connection to the world...
at light speed!


Mason PUD 3’s fiber optic network reaches many areas of its service territory.

First, confirm fiber availability in your area:

  • Enter your address in our mapping tool.
  • Or, all PUD 3's Telecom Team at 360-426-8255 to find out if your location is fiber-ready. Service areas are limited, so you may require a line extension.
  • If fiber is available, choose an authorized retail provider for fiber optic services. Connection, speed, and monthly fees may vary by retailer.
  • If there is no fiber in your area, or if fiber close to your home, submit a fiber construction inquiry.

How do I prepare for PUD 3 Fiber?

There are some things you can do to make it easier:

First, look up. Now look down. How does the electricity get to your home?

  • OVERHEAD: If it is overhead, you may have an easy path, but we want to talk with you about it.
  • UNDERGROUND: If it is underground, that’s going to take a little more discussion with us.

Whether overhead or underground, our trained and expereinced network engineers will walk you through each step of the way.

How much will it cost?

PUD 3’s engineering staff is specially trained to design a safe, legal, and cost-effective plan to connect your new home or business to PUD 3’s fiber optic network. Because there are so many variables, we do not give “rough estimates” for specific jobs.

All customers must submit an application for fiber service in order to receive a cost estimate.

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