Hosting & Colocation

Hosting & Colocation

PUD 3 has several colocation facilities that can easily and securely host a business's critical information and programs.

The collocation sites have 24-hour backup, redundant power and HVAC, support, and monitoring that provides confidence and security.

E-Commerce & New Business Methods

PUD 3’s reliable fiber optic network makes e-commerce possible and practical. Collocation of internet servers and hardware at the PUD’s facilities provides the security and monitoring needed to conduct online business with complete confidence.

Off Site Backup & Data Warehousing

Warehousing of data backup and servers for multiple sites can be outsourced in a practical way via a high-speed fiber optic network. Data can be quickly backed up and transferred in complete confidence and security across PUD 3’s broadband network.

Access & Services

You can contact our retail service providers for access and services, or you can choose to become a retail service provider and lease space directly from the PUD.

Contact Mason PUD 3’s telecommunications department at 360-432-1550 for more information.

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