Vibratory Plow

Vibratory Plow

PUD 3 operates a vibratory plow for the installation of underground MicroDuct conduit to run fiber to your home.

If your electrical service runs underground, sometimes the most challenging part of getting fiber optic broadband is the last little bit of distance from the road to your home. PUD 3 can help.

A vibratory plow is a clever machine that cuts and shakes the earth to install a flexible conduit at the appropriate depth that creates a path to pull fiber cable through. The best part is, there is very little impact to the area once the work is complete. Check out the video below to learn more:

If fiber is available in your area, once you submit a fiber optic construction application, a PUD engineer will visit your home to help you determine an appropriate route to run the underground conduit and fiber lines. Here are a few things to keep in mind throughout the process:

  • The property owner will work with the PUD to pick the best/preferred route from the distribution point to the fiber gateway. The PUD will be responsible for calling utility locates (811) to identify and locate qualifying utility facilities.
  • The property owner will be responsible for requesting private locates for the purpose of locating all private utilities on the property, and the subsequent removal of all obstacles. Private utilities include irrigation lines, low voltage power lines, septic systems, well water pipes, gas or propane lines, etc. A partial list of private utility locators that perform work in Mason County is available here. (The full state-wide list from Washington 811 is available here.)
  • At PUD 3, customers own their own underground secondary (service wires coming from the transformer) and are therefore responsible for ensuring they are marked appropriately. However, when installing MicroDuct conduit with the vibratory plow, PUD 3 will be responsible for locating these wires from the PUD's facilities to the customer's meter base. Any wires after the meter base will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • A signed Trenching Consent Form (PDF) will be required.
  • A construction proposal will be created by the PUD engineer and sent to the customer. This will include the cost of the vibratory plow work and any related construction costs.
  • Once the proposal is returned, and any applicable costs paid, the work will be scheduled.
  • In order to keep costs low, the restoration of the vibratory plow path will be through tire compaction, which can vary greatly based on terrain and conditions. You can see several examples in the video above, or in pictures below.
  • If you're in a Fiberhood, Vibratory Plow costs are included in the Construction Adder.





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