Ductless Heat Pump Incentives

Ductless Heat Pump Incentives

Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems offer a great way to upgrade your home.

A ductless heat pump is a highly efficient, and easily installed, primary heating and cooling system for homes and businesses. These systems are safe, quiet and heat rooms evenly at a fraction of the cost of baseboard or wall heaters. They don't require duct work, which eliminates maintenance or worry about duct leakage. Upgrade your electric heat with a ductless heat pump.

COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS looking for heat pump incentives, please call the PUD 3 Conservation Department for more details at (360) 426-0777.

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  • SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY- Ductless systems use 25%-50% less energy to heat a home.
  • EXPERIENCE A MORE COMFORTABLE HOME- Ultra-quiet fans evenly circulate air throughout rooms, eliminating hot and cold spots.
  • AIR CONDITIONING COMES STANDARD- Systems come standard with air conditioning to keep a home cool during hot summer months.
  • LOW-COST EASY INSTALLATION- Installation is quick, simple, and inexpensive when compared to other HVAC systems, which means little or no disruption to a home.
  • PUD 3 INCENTIVES AVAILABLE- Receive an incentive from PUD 3 for the installation of a qualifying ductless heat pump system. See program requirements below.

Adding a ductless heat pump increases the flexibility of your heating system. Working with the existing heating system, just one ductless system is enough to heat and cool the average Pacific Northwest home or small business. Keeping an existing heating system in place (optional) ensures bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices remain at desired temperatures, even on the coldest days.

Man standing in his kitchen smiling. A ductless cooling system is behind him.

Program Requirements 

If a single-family electrically heated site-built home has an electric forced air furnace; or baseboards, wall heaters or other zonal resistance heating as its primary heat source; or if a manufactured home has an electric forced air furnace or other zonal resistance heating as its primary heat source; it may qualify for PUD 3’s ductless heat pump incentive. 

  • The ductless heat pump must be a split system heat pump employing an inverter-driven outdoor compressor, with an inverter-driven or variable speed indoor blower. The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) must be at least 8.8 (if manufactured before 1/1/2023).
  • HSPF2 ductless heat pumps manufactured after 1/1/2023 must have a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2 (HSPF2) of at least 7.5.
  • The ductless heat pump must be installed according to the manufacturer's specifications and the Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Best Practices Guide.
  • The ductless heat pump must be installed by a licensed, certified refrigerant technician. Licensed installers can be found at https:secure.lni.wa.gov/verify.
  • Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I) electrical, and Mason County or City of Shelton mechanical permit numbers are required upon project completion. Manufactured homes only require L&I permits.
  • The customer or certified HVAC contractor must fill out and submit the Ductless Heat Pump Installation Form to the PUD 3 conservation department documenting the condition of the home's existing heating system and the intended operating strategy.
  • The customer must submit a copy of their receipt/invoice showing the make, model number, and cost of the qualified equipment.


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