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Heat Pump Incentives

Heat Pump Incentives

Upgrading to an efficient heat pump is a good way to save on heating costs.

Are you considering converting to a high efficiency heat pump? PUD 3's heat pump incentive program may be able to help. 

Heat Pumps come in many different efficiency levels. PUD 3 offers incentives for those that are the most energy efficient. The Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS) ducted heat pump program provides step-by-step support to local HVAC contractors to ensure that a new heat pump has been commissioned and configured to deliver conditioned air to its greatest potential. As part of the PTCS air source heat pump program, contractors must:

  • Perform specific calculations to ensure you install the right size heat pump for your home.
  • Adjust the air flow through the heat pump to make sure efficiency, comfort and reliability are achieved.
  • Ensure the correct amount of refrigerant has been charged into the system.

For the greatest efficiency, and to “future-proof” your equipment, consider installing an inverter-driven “variable speed” heat pump.

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A site-built or manufactured home may qualify for PUD 3’s air source heat pump CONVERSION program. PUD 3 has a project progress checklist available for customer use.

  • The new heat pump must be installed according to the Air Source Heat Pump Installation Specifications found on BPA's website.
  • The new heat pump must have a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating of 9.0 or higher and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 14 or higher and must be AHRI tested and certified.
  • Mobile homes assembled before 1977 do not qualify.
  • Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I) electrical, and Mason County or City of Shelton mechanical permit numbers are required upon project completion. Manufactured homes only require L&I permits.
  • PTCS heat pump commissioning tests are required on all units.
  • Duct sealing is recommended. Please see our Insulation Incentives page for incentive and program information. 
  • Find a certified duct sealing technician on BPA's website.
  • Duct sealing forms and information can be found at BPA's website.

Incentive Amounts

$1400 - for existing electric forced air furnace to SINGLE speed heat pump.

$1600 - for existing electric forced air furnace to VARIABLE speed heat pump.

$500 - for existing heat pump to SINGLE speed heat pump.

$700 - for existing heat pump to VARIABLE speed heat pump.

$500 - for existing ZONAL ELECTRIC or NON-ELECTRIC heat source to SINGLE speed heat pump.

$700 - for existing ZONAL ELECTRIC or NON-ELECTRIC heat source to VARIABLE speed heat pump.

COMERCIAL CUSTOMERS looking for heat pump incentives, please call the PUD 3 Conservation Department for more details at (360) 426-0777.

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