What Does PUD 3 Do?

What Does PUD 3 Do?

In Washington State, 24 PUDs are the source of electricity for almost 700,000 customers.

Mason PUD 3 serves over 34,000 electric customers. PUD 3 also runs a wholesale fiber optic telecommunications network, which supports the operation of its electricity system.

PUD 3 has a board of elected commissioners to be the policy-makers for the utility. They also set rates and charges for service.

Learn more about Washington State’s Public Utility Districts at www.wpuda.org.



PUD 3 Mission Statement

Connecting our community with safe, reliable, economical, and sustainable services, 24/7.


PUD 3 Vision Statement

Mason PUD 3 is a unique community asset recognized for its service, innovation, and stewardship. We are an essential-services organization, powered by our employees, trusted by our customers, valued by our community, and focused on the environment, enhancing the economy, and developing solutions for a better tomorrow. 


PUD 3 Core Values

  • Safety: We ensure the safety of our employees, communities, customers, contractors, and partners by taking a proactive approach to identifying remedying and preventing safety issues.
  • Reliability: Our employees use their energy, skills, and resources to deliver the best results by being reliable, accountable, and efficient. We are a "Reliable Public Power Provider". 
  • Customer Focus: We foster loyalty and earn trust through every customer experience. This is accomplished by listening to and understanding customer needs, respectful interactions, timely responses, and anticipating the customer of the future. It's easy to do business with us!
  • Employee Connection: Our employees are engaged in meaningful work that has a positive impact on our community now and in the future. We are committed to the well-being of our employees by maintaining a culture of trust, respect, excellence, and recognition.
  • Community Engagement: Our customers are well informed. Through professional and personal relationships, we stay engaged with the needs of the community, and invest in the education of our current and future customers.
  • Solutions-Oriented: We are proactive in finding the best ways to address customer and community needs. Employees are empowered to be innovative, creative, and forward-thinking when finding solutions that "future-proof" our organization in the continually changing utility industry. 

  • Sustainability: We recognize the interdependence of our operations, the environment, economy, and individuals. We do business in ways that ensure the financial and operational health of PUD 3 so that it meets the community's needs in perpetuity. 

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