Energy Expo

Energy Expo

Come celebrate Public Power Week at PUD 3!



Electricity can be confusing, but we’re here to help! 

Each year during Public Power Week (first full week of October) Mason County 4th grade students are invited to the PUD 3 Johns Prairie operations center to learn about the basics of electricity and how the utility plays a part in their lives. Come join us for a fun-filled, hands-on, fast-paced event with many interactive displays about the utility and how our homes and businesses use energy. Teachers and homeschool parents can schedule to bring their students for a fun learning experience! 

Here are just a few of the displays and presentations we'll have available:4p3a0309.jpg

  • 'Live Wire Demo' An Electrical Safety Presentation that demonstrates live contact with 7200 Volts! 
  • ‘Touch a Truck’ – Kids can have the chance to check out a line truck and speak with a lineman about their exciting career.
  • ‘Power Pole’ – See a scaled model of a power pole up close.
  • ‘Hydro Wheel’ – Generate real hydro power with a scaled model of a pelton wheel hydro generator.
  • ‘Safety Demo’ – Shocking Susie shows kids how to be safe around electricity.
  • ‘Infrared Station’ – Learn how we use infrared technology to identify hotspots on the electrical system, preventing damage before it occurs.
  • ‘Monster Wattage’ – What costs more to run: an X-box or a hairdryer? Learn what home appliances use the most energy.

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For further questions, contact Asia Cline, Communications & Community Relations Coordinator at or (360) 426-8255 x5254. 


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