Advanced Meter Opt-Out

Advanced Meter Opt-Out

Some customers may choose to not have an Advanced Meter installed.

Opt-Out of Advanced Metering

Mason PUD 3 provides an option for customers that desire to Opt-Out of the use of advanced meter technology. A monthly fee will be applied to the customer’s bill to cover the costs of bimonthly manual meter reads. (See Fee Schedule A on the last page of our Service Rules and Regulations in the Document Archives for Advanced Meter Opt-Out Fee) 


Learn more about PUD 3’s Advanced Meters

Read Advanced Meters: Concerns & Clarifications Commission Report. PUD 3 staff address concerns and clarify misinformation about advanced meters. 

If you wish to Opt Out of the use of advanced meter technology, please contact Customer Service (360) 426-8255. 

PLEASE NOTE: Analog Meters are no longer manufactured, and therefore are unavailable. Every PUD 3 customer will be receiving a new digital meter. If you choose to opt-out of having an advanced meter, the new digital meter you receive will not have a radio unit in it.

Read PUD 3’s full Opt Out Policy

PUD 3 will return the service to automatic meter reading (or capability) at its discretion after the customer moves, or the service transfers into another name. There may be an exception if a new customer follows the approved Opt-Out request process prior to installation of an advanced meter by the PUD. 

At no time is the owner/tenant/account holder authorized to remove, adjust or tamper with Mason PUD 3 equipment. If safe and convenient access to read the electric meter is prevented by customer action or inaction, PUD 3 can deny the Opt-Out request and install an advanced meter. The account holder shall be responsible for any costs relating to the change. 


Pictures of Example Meters

This is a Digital Meter with no radio unit.

Digital Meter - No Radio

This is an example of the new digital, non-communicating meter you will recieve if you choose to opt-out of having an advanced meter. These meters do not have an FCC ID label on them above the screen like the advanced meter below.


This is an Advanced Meter.

Advanced Meter with Radio

This is an example of an advanced meter. It has an FCC ID because it has a radio transmitter that communicates back to PUD 3.

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