Grid Modernization Project Overview

Grid Modernization Project Overview

The electric grid of today looks much different than the one we started building over 75 years ago.

PUD 3’s electricity distribution system is reliable and robust, but we can always do better. Grid modernization means using technology to more efficiently manage and send electricity over our power lines to your homes and businesses. 


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At the core of this upgrade is the installation of new, advanced meters and improved communications with PUD equipment that controls the electric distribution system.

For you, it means the ability to manage your electricity use online by seeing day-to-day and hourly consumption patterns, without having to wait for a monthly statement.

For PUD 3, it means using leading edge, proven technology to improve the delivery and quality of high voltage electricity; catch outages when they happen; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and, the efficiency of automatically read meters.

PUD 3’s grid modernization project will safely and securely put more information in your hands, enabling you to make more informed decisions about how you use electricity. Our work now will help create a more efficient, more reliable, and more sustainable electricity distribution system for our customers for years to come. 

PUD 3 will start replacing meters in 2016. It will take about three years to upgrade all our meters.

We’ll tell you well in advance of installing meters. Employees installing Advanced Meters are highly skilled, trained to proactively address safety concerns, and accredited by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Before the Meter Changeout

Day of the Meter Changeout

After the Meter Changeout

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You will receive a noti‑cation letter approximately 30 days before the meter changeout.

We will send a reminder postcard regarding the upcoming work.

A PUD 3 employee will arrive at your residence to install the new meter between 7a.m. and 5p.m. - They will have valid ID.

You do not need to be home for this process, however your power will be temporarily interrupted.

Once the meter changeout is complete, the installer will verify that your new meter is working properly.

The installer will leave behind a door hanger, indicating the type of work that was performed.

You may be asked to participate in a survey regarding your meter changeout experience.

Quality checks will be conducted on a small percentage of completed meter changeouts. You do not need to be home for this activity.

Meter Changeout Process (PDF)


Every meter base will be inspected before installation to check for existing safety hazards. This process will help to uncover potentially hazardous meter bases that may exist within Mason County, and make repairs to ensure they are safe for the future.

The meter base is where PUD 3’s power lines are attached to your home or business. You are the owner of the meter base and are generally responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. A defective meter base is a serious electrical hazard. The discovery of a defective meter base requires an immediate disconnection of electrical service and notification of the customer that there is a need to repair the meter base so that PUD can safely reconnect the meter.

In order to reduce the time and expense associated with this process, PUD 3 has identified qualified licensed and bonded electricians who are willing to immediately respond when PUD 3 personnel find a defective meter base, and make minor repairs necessary for installation of the new meter. PUD 3 is willing to pay the electrician to make repairs as necessary to your meter base or other components of your service, at PUD 3’s sole discretion in order to accommodate this Grid Modernization project.

However, PUD 3 needs your permission to perform repairs to your electrical equipment. You may preemptively grant this permission if a damaged meter base is discovered at your property, or you may use this webform to grant PUD 3 permission to perform repairs after you are contacted. 

  • Advanced Meter Benefits
  • The advanced meter records your energy-use information throughout the day, just as today’s meters do.
  • Your energy-use information can be sent several times a day to PUD 3 using radio frequency waves. This is similar to the wireless communications used by cell phones and WiFi, but at much lower energy levels. The meters will transmit data for an average of  83 seconds per day. Each transmission averages a very brief 48 milliseconds.
  • Once within PUD 3’s secure firewall, the information is matched up with your account for billing and other customer service activities.
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Your energy and billing information at your fingertips.

Cuts down on carbon emissions.

Faster outage reporting, response, and restoration!

More precise monitoring of equipment on the system.

Allows you take control of your energy consumption.

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