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Tahuya River Valley Project

Tahuya River Valley Project

Providing the best internet available throughout the beautiful Tahuya River Valley area!

About the Project

The Tahuya River Valley Project is a dual purpose project which will upgrade the electric distribution system and replace poles increasing the safety and reliabiltiy of the electric grid in conjunction with the installation of a new fiber optic network to allow for access to high-speed internet services in the Tahuya River Valley area. It is part of a grant the PUD received from the Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB 1) to extend fiber to this unserved area.  

What should residents in the area expect?

Customers should be prepared for construction activity, increased road traffic, possible lane closures, and noise. The PUD will be using a contractor for the project, so residents may notice work vehicles that do not have the familiar PUD logo on them. However, rest assured, PUD employees will be on-site overseeing the activities at each step of the way. We do ask residents to practice safe driving and social distancing around construction zones for worker safety. During construction, there may be a need to take short outages to ensure the line workers’ safety. If that is necessary, affected customers will be notified in advance.

Letters have been sent to customers prior to work starting (September 3, 2020) and to notify them of project updates (February 11, 2020). 

How long will the project take?

Work began in September of 2020 and is estimated to be completed by Spring/Summer 2021. After the electrical and fiber have been installed, PUD engineers will have some work to complete before customers can begin signing up for fiber/broadband services. 

Why isn't the PUD doing the work?

Since this is part of a grant the PUD was awarded to extend its fiber optic network to an underserved area, the PUD must use a contractor to fulfill the grant's requirements. The contractor who successfully won the bid is performing both electrical and fiber work but all work is overseen by PUD personnel. 

How many homes and businesses will be able to connect to fiber once the project is complete?

The project combines two fiberhoods: Tahuya River Bridge and Tahuya River Valley. Total number of parcels that will have fiber available is 458 at completion of the project. 

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