Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Come play the PUD Prairie Disc Golf Course at the Johns Prairie Operations Center!

PUD Prairie is made up of two separate nine hole courses, Orange and Blue, which are available to the public during daylight, non-business hours. The courses feature the unique South Sound Prairie Ecosystem and creative incorporation of utlity-themed equipment.

If the day of the month is odd, the course plays in the Orange configuration. If the day is even, the course plays in the Blue configuration. See tee signs and course details below. Use UDisc for layouts.

QUESTIONS: discgolf@masonpud3.org


Why Disc Golf?

Shelton Springs Disc Golf Course, located just 3 miles away is one of the highest rated courses in Washington. Cushman Cruise at Lake Cushman has seen similar excitement surrounding it as well. This has generated a lot of interest in the growing sport of disc golf in our community. Each year, hundreds of visitors come to Mason County to play these courses, which helps support economic development in our area. PUD employees have volunteered their time to design and maintain the PUD Prairie course to help grow the sport and support healthy, outdoor activity for our neighbors and co-workers.

Chuck & Share Disc Golf Tournament

Each Summer, the PUD hosts the Chuck & Share Disc Golf Tournament. All proceeds from the event go to benefit Project Share, an electricity assistance program to help our neighbors in need. More information will be available as the 2021 event is planned.

PUD Prairie Disc Golf Course Details





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  • This is a shared use public space. Avoid throwing if pedestrians and/or vehicles are present.
  • No alcohol, smoking, or cannabis.
  • No littering, graffitti, or abuse of equipment.
  • No illegal activities.
  • Do not enter the secured facility. If your disc goes Out of Bounds over the fence, you may retrieve it from the front desk during regular business hours. Play with a +1 penalty stroke from the designated Drop Zone.
  • PUD 3 is not responsible for lost discs.
  • Please respect the course and fellow disc golfers.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Find specific rules for each hole, including how to play Out of Bounds, Mandos, and Drop Zones in the ORANGE & BLUE course details sections below.
  • You can find the official rules of disc golf from the Profesional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)

The Orange layout (playable on odd days of the month) is a PAR-friendly course where you can utilize a variety of throws with minimal risk. Good shot placement is rewarded. "FRONT 9"




ORANGE 1 starts off with a wide open shot to build your confidence, but ends at a protected basket encircled by fir trees. The large fir tree okays as a MANDO left and there is OB beyond the path to the right of the basket. The Drop Zone is just outside of Circle 1 (45' feet out) and plays with a +1 penalty stroke if you miss the MANDO or go OB.




ORANGE 2 is an island hole demarked by a gravel outline that connects to the walking path. If a player misses the island from the tee, play with +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone (66'). Subsequent island misses play as OB from the spot where the disc last crossed out of the island. A more conservative tee shot to the "peninsula" of land before attempting to throw to the island is fair play. How much do you want to risk it?



ORANGE 3 tempts you with a direct shot along the path (watch out for walkers!), but if you have the arm for it, perhaps the hyzer play through all of that open air space is a better strategy? The green is surrounded by steep slopes falling away from the basket on two sides. If you go short or long, you'll be setting yourself up for a tricky putt! Throwing into the PUD's fenced-in-yard is OB. Play with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone, which is the teepad for Blue 9.



ORANGE 4 is the first opportunity to really test out your arm- but don't go into the fenced-in-yard! If you do, it'll be OB and you'll play with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone (150'), which is found a little further than halfway down the ridge directly in line with the teepad. Beware of rollaways on the sloped green! If you have a roller shot, you might give that a try depending on the condition of the grass.



ORANGE 5 - You have a decision to make: Do you take your chances and throw it right through the guardian trees straight ahead to the basket or do you throw a forehand or flex shot out to the left and let it glide back in. Do not try throwing it over the fence. The light post is a MANDO LEFT. If your disc doesn't cross to the LEFT of the MANDO, play your lie with +1 penalty stroke. If your disc goes OB over the fence, re-tee with a +1 penalty stroke.



ORANGE 6, this is your chance to really let it rip! You're throwing from a slightly elevated teepad to a wide open field spotted with beautiful wildflowers. Don't let the hanging fir branches right in front of you get into your head! A clean drive will be rewarded with another chance to make a big throw. This is the Orange layout's only PAR 4. If your disc goes into the tall grasses surrounding the fairway, that's a hazard. Play with a +1 penalty stroke from where it lies.



ORANGE 7 brings casual standing water into play during the winter months. You can choose a forehand line or a big hyzer line- anything to avoid the guardian Whomping Willow! CAUTION: this hole gets muddy after heavy rains!



ORANGE 8's theme is elevation upon elevation upon elevation! You just climbed out of the lower bowl to the teepad. You'll have to throw up to get onto the fairway, and then up again to land at the mound, and then up again at the elevated basket. It's a good thing the overall hole length is short at just over 200 feet. Watch out for your putts! If your drive goes wide right or long onto or across the path, you'll be OB. Throw with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone (66'). History Nugget: This pole used to be light pole #8 on Olympic Highway North in Shelton before the decorative poles and LEDs were added to the newly rebuilt roadway during the Downtown Connector Project (2019).



ORANGE 9 features a tunnel shot that will get more and more challenging with each passing year. Beware of OB long at the path. If your disc lands Out of Bounds, that was a pretty nice throw. Play from the Drop Zone, which is the Blue 3 teepad to the right of the fairway, but don't take a penalty stroke! The fenced-in-yard shouldn't be in play, but if you get wild and your disc lands over the fence, throw with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone (120') found between the two swales, which is primarily for Blue 9. (Yield to players throwing on Orange 2 at the crossing fairway).


The Blue layout (playable on even days of the month) is technical, longer, and more challenging than the Orange layout. Good shot shape and placement are necessary to score well. "BACK 9"




BLUE 1 starts in a pocket of trees across the pole yard to the left of Orange 1. A strong hyzer shot should have you parked at the basket, but don't let your disc slide behind the guardian backstop trees! If your disc goes over the path long right, it is Out of Bonds. Play with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone (45').



BLUE 2 is the most heavily-treed hole on the course. Follow the signs from basket one to get to the teepad. A straight shot down the tunnel of trees could leave you parked. It's not a long hole, but it is a challenge! When putting, approaching, or driving, beware of the steep cliff drop off behind the basket. There's a net installed which might help catch wayward disc. If your disc goes over the cliff or hits the net, it's out of bounds and you'll need to take a +1 penalty stroke. The Drop Zone is at the edge of Circle 1 (33') along the exit path. Discs should be retrieved using the path at the foot bridge. DO NOT climb over the logs or around the net directly down into the gully. Use extreme caution when retrieving discs.



BLUE 3 features a tunnel shot that will get harder and harder as the trees grow and mature. Make sure your disc passes to the LEFT of the MANDO tree. If you don't, play your lie with +1 penalty stroke. The island from Orange 2 is NOT in play on Blue 3. If your disc somehow makes its way into the fenced-in-yard, play with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone found at the Blue 9 teepad.



BLUE 4 is an opportunity to throw a very technical shot from an elevated position. The basket is found well past the seasonal casual water in front of the teepad, out and to the right. There are a lot of trees and hazards on this hole, so good shot placement is rewarded! Before you tee off, be sure to take a peek at beautiful Johns Creek off of the back of the teepad below you.



BLUE 5 features a Double Mando right off the teepad. Your drive will need to split these trees. If it doesn't, re-tee but count your first stroke. Once you get through the Double Mando trees and across the walking path, you'll need to cross the hazardous tall grass. If your disc lands in the tall grass, play with a +1 penalty stroke from your lie.



BLUE 6 is the longest hole on the course- and it's slightly uphill! Big arms are rewarded on this PAR 4 hole. Most players should plan on more than one max-power drive to reach the basket. Watch out for the alcove just off the tee on the left. The basket is fairly open to the fairway, but your approach shot needs to be selected carefully.



BLUE 7 requires strategic shot placement to score well on this PAR 4 hole. After passing to the left of the Mando just off the teepad, most players will try to get their disc to the top of the hill, then throw a flex or forehand shot around the trees to the basket. If your disc lands in the fenced-in-yard, play with a +1 penalty stroke at the Drop Zone, which is the Orange 5 teepad. Beware of rollaways on the sloped green! (Yield to players on Blue 6 at the crossing fairway.)



BLUE 8 features two options to attack the basket, depending on your shot strength and the wind conditions. The traditional play is a forehand shot down the line of fir trees so that the disc breaks right at the end of the flight, right at the basket. An alternate approach is a big hyzer through a small gap over the cliff to your right. If your disc gets caught up in a tree and somehow doesn't make it across the path, play with a +1 penalty stroke from the 140' Drop Zone. If your disc goes onto or over the path long, play with a +1 penalty stroke from the 66' Drop Zone on the far side of the fairway. The elevated basket on the old power pole adds a little something extra to make this hole a real challenge. History Nugget: This pole used to be light pole #8 on Olympic Highway North in Shelton before the decorative poles and LEDs were added to the newly rebuilt roadway during the Downtown Connector Project (2019).



BLUE 9 is a straight shot to the final basket. Players will need to navigate the trees just off of the teepad as well as the guardian trees at the basket. The swales are rough (no penalty)! If your disc goes into the fenced-in-yard, play with a +1 penalty stroke from the Drop Zone (120') between the swales.


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