PUD 3 Public Wi-Fi

PUD 3 Public Wi-Fi

PUD 3's FREE Public Wi-Fi is powered by its high speed fiber optic network.

Drive-In Wi-Fi is available at these locations!


= ACTIVE Wi-Fi Hotspot

North Mason County Shelton Area & Harstine Island
pud3wifi_pin.pngPort of Dewatto pud3wifi_pin.pngLatimer's Landing County Park 
pud3wifi_pin.pngTahuya Fire Station (NMRFA) pud3wifi_pin.pngSouth Harstine Island Fire Station (CMFE)
pud3wifi_pin.pngCollins Lake Fire Station (NMRFA) pud3wifi_pin.pngPioneer Middle School
pud3wifi_pin.pngTahuya River Valley pud3wifi_pin.pngBayshore Preserve
pud3wifi_pin.pngSand Hill Ball Fields pud3wifi_pin.pngIsland Lake Fire Station (MCFD 11)
pud3wifi_pin.pngTrails End Parking Lot (South Shore) pud3wifi_pin.pngShelton High School
pud3wifi_pin.pngTrails End Water District pud3wifi_pin.pngSouth Mason Youth Soccer Park
pud3wifi_pin.pngMason Lake County Park pud3wifi_pin.pngEvergreen Square in Downtown Shelton
pud3wifi_pin.pngPort of Allyn Waterfront Park pud3wifi_pin.pngEvergreen Elementary School
pud3wifi_pin.pngGrapeview Fire Station (MCFD 3) pud3wifi_pin.pngBordeaux Elementary School
pud3wifi_pin.pngPort of Grapeview pud3wifi_pin.pngSouthside School
pud3wifi_pin.pngHood Canal School pud3wifi_pin.pngLoop Field
  pud3wifi_pin.pngSkookum Hall
  pud3wifi_pin.pngJarrell Cove State Park
  West Mason County
  pud3wifi_pin.pngMatlock Grange
  pud3wifi_pin.pngMary M Knight School
  pud3wifi_pin.pngSchafer State Park
  pud3wifi_pin.pngLake Arrowhead Community Club
  pud3wifi_pin.pngStar Lake Community Club

Why Free Public Wi-Fi?


Mason PUD 3 has joined with our community partners to make sure every student in Mason County has a safe place where they can use a free high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot to access classwork, download assignments, and communicate with their teacher.

PUD 3 teamed up with fire districts, port districts, community halls, Mason County parks, and others to use PUD 3 fiber optic equipment at these locations to set up wireless hotspots. The sites are all over Mason County, from the Tahuya Peninsula to Matlock, and many places in between.

The program is part of PUD 3’s response to the coronavirus emergency. The Drive-In Wi-Fi initiative gives those without high-speed internet in their homes a chance to connect while practicing appropriate social distancing. While the hotspots were deployed to support distance learning for our local school districts, citizens who need high-speed internet access may also use the Wi-Fi. We ask that priority of access be given to school age children and families through the remainder of the school year. Just pull up to a Wi-Fi hotspot, STAY IN YOUR CAR, take care of your internet needs, and then return home.

PUD 3 was encouraged by the Washington State Broadband Office to set up a network of Wi-Fi sites, in concert with a statewide program to establish similar services at school districts throughout the state.

The sites are configured with basic network filters, so users can use the Wi-Fi responsibly and safely. Access to the wireless network is subject to agreement with the policy found below.

PUD 3 Public Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

“From the seeds of crisis come the strong roots and blossoms of innovation. If there’s anyone today who does not see telecom and connectivity as an essential utility, much like water and clean air, then I would challenge them to think about our history. Right now, we must sow the seeds of complete innovation in connectivity for families. It is the way we will learn. It is the way of the future.”

Chris Reykdal, Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction, April 6, 2020

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