Assistance Programs

Assistance Programs

We all need a hand sometimes. We're here to help.

customers.pngPUD 3 has programs for customers who are having difficulties paying their bill or need to adjust their energy use to keep their bills in control.

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Federal Low-Income Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

Contact Community Action Council (CAC) at 360-426-9726 or visit their website at to schedule an appointment to find out if you qualify for Federal LIHEAP finds. Assistance amounts are determined by household size, income, heat source and the previous year’s energy usage and are based on availability of funds.

Senior Discount Qualifications: age 61 and over; a permanent, year-round PUD 3 customer; household adjusted gross income is less than $40,000 per year from everyone living at the service address; and, is not federally subsidized housing. The discount amounts to the removal of the daily system charge. A discount application form is available from the PUD, or online here.

Low-Income Disabled Qualifications: the PUD account must be in the name of the disabled person. The customer cannot live in federally subsidized housing and must be a permanent, year-round customer of the PUD. This discount also removes the daily system charge. Call the Community Action Council at (360) 426-9726 to schedule a qualification appointment.

If financial problems make it unable for you to pay your bill, please call us or visit one of the PUD offices to make a payment arrangement.

We want to help, so be ready to clearly let us know what’s causing your payment problem. We’ll need a commitment on your part to work with us to take care of the unpaid balance.

Our customer service representatives work with all customers. They specialize in referring customers to assistance agencies that may be able to provide financial aid (such as the Community Action Council of Mason County).

Energy Assistance Appointments can be scheduled online.


Budget Billing provides a sense of security in having your bill be a consistent amount each month.

This is a great program if you want to know how much your monthly electric bill will be, for those who are on a fixed income, or who travel. Budget Billing is not a way to save money. You should still monitor your energy usage. However, with this program you’ll know what your electric bill will be each month to help you plan accordingly.

There are no income guidelines and no extra charges. If you’ve been in your house for twelve months, May is the perfect month to sign up. To qualify, your account must be current, with a zero-balance.

The program works by estimating your yearly bill based on your past usage, and then dividing that amount into equal monthly payments over a 12 month period.

The plan runs from June through April. Your budget amount will be recalculated with your May bill, and any credit or debit will be averaged out over the next 12 months. Customers still pay for all the energy they use during the plan year.

For added convenience, sign-up for automatic payments directly from your bank account, credit or debit card. Paperless billing is also available.

Mason PUD 3’s electric assistance programs are very effective in providing a helping hand to customers in need. The Low Income Fiber Discount expands assistance programs to fiber Consumers and allows qualifying low income households to see a slight reduction in broadband access costs.

This discount amounts to a $10/month reduction in wholesale costs to the retail service provider. Participating retailers have made a commitment to not only pass on the discount to the end user, but to match it with an additional $10/month discount. This means, qualifying customers are eligible to receive a $20 discount on their internet bill.

The result of this partnership brings the estimated retail cost of high speed broadband on PUD 3 fiber (1000Mbps down/up) for qualifying low income customers to lower than the published DSL rates in Mason County. 

Mason PUD 3 is be the first public utility in Washington State to offer assistance programs for fiber access.

Qualifying Consumers must meet the program requirements for Low Income Senior Citizens & Disabled Customers (see above). This offering is limited to locations where PUD 3 fiber access is available. The Fiberhood Construction Adder is not eligible for this discount.


Project Share is an assistance program that was started in 1983 to assist low-income customers, as certified by the Community Action Council, with their electric bills. The program is a joint effort of  PUD 3, the Community Action Council (CAC), churches, interested citizens, and PUD 3 customers. 

Through the generosity of donors, low income families can receive help with a $175 payment on their account. To find out if you qualify call the Community Action Council at (360) 426-9726 or visit their website here

PUD 3 offers a wide variety of programs that can improve energy efficiency for electrically heated homes. Incentives include upgrading a heating system, increasing insulation, rebates on new energy efficient appliances, and many more possibilities.

Our conservation web page has lots of information about these incentives and low cost tips on adjusting the way you use electricity that came make a large impact on your monthly bill.

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